Episode 8 - 2021
Welcome to Foods & Apps by me, Mathieu Garcia. Pioneer audio app dev / 14+ years making audio apps • #Ambient head &#8226…
Thanks Mark Bittman ! Straightforward recipes; might try the hazelnut and grapes one tonight!
Very interesting, the mental process around snacking would definitely help enjoying it more and avoid mindless eating. Also love the cultural approach…
Ah! That’s a pretty clever and novel way to categorize them! Thanks Mark Bittman!
Triggered! And I got a bunch of eggs and some smoked, organic, “lard” in the fridge. Thanks for the recipe Mark Bittman !
Blue cheese, figs, walnuts!
The infamous WhatsApp messaging platform is available on phones but not tablets yet. It’s still possible to use it on an iPad, very easily…
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